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Conway's Game of Life is a simulation where cells are born or die depending on the state of other cells.  Most versions that run on the commodore 64 use a 40x25 cell grid.  This version uses an 80x50 cell grid.

This is version 0.04, and will probably be recieving a number of updates

There are 2 files you can download.  The .zip file contains the sourcecode and  CBM .prg Studio project files.  It also contains the program in .prg format which can be run in a commodore 64 emulator, such as VICE, or transfered to floppy, pi1541, or SD2IEC to run on a real commodore 64.  Warning, the source code is a bit of a mess.

The second file is just the .prg file for those who are not interested in the source.

Install instructions

.prg file needs a Commodore 64 emulator, such as VICE, or transfered to disk to run on a real Commodore 64


life04.zip 8 kB
Life.prg 2 kB

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