A downloadable game for Windows

Like to solve mazes? Then Solve It! is for you. Randomly generated mazes. Some with short passages and lots of dead ends, some with long, windy passages and few dead ends. Best of all, some mazes will wrap around the edges of the screen, that is, when you go off one side, you return on the other. This makes mazes even more challenging.

This is an early version of my game. More maze types and modes will be added in the future.

Install instructions

Download the exe to a place of your choice and double click.


Solve It.exe 593 kB


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Blitz Max.

' drawline.bmx

' draws a hair at the mouse position using Drawline.

Graphics 640,480

While Not KeyHit(KEY_ESCAPE)
        DrawLine 32,24,x,y
        DrawLine x-2,y,x-10,y
        DrawLine x+2,y,x+10,y
        DrawLine  x,y-2,x,y-10
        DrawLine x,y+2,x,y+10

How will it be possible to draw a star instead of hair.?

How will I set my codings?

Don't know what you're trying to achieve.  Better to ask questions at SyntaxBomb as that is where most of the BlitzMax users have gone.

Anyway, I gave it a go here.

SuperStrict' drawline.bmx
' draws a hair at the mouse position using Drawline.
'A type for a single polygon
Type TPolygon
    Field Points:Float[]
End Type
'A polygon must be convex so we create a Shape type to
'  hold several polygons to make more complex shapes
Type TShape
    Field Polygons:TList = CreateList()
    'Adds a single polygon to the shape
    Method Add(Points:Float[])
        Local Polygon:TPolygon = New TPolygon
        Polygon.Points = Points
    End Method
    'draws all the polygons
    Method Draw(x:Float, y:Float)
        Local OriginX:Float, OriginY:Float
        GetOrigin(OriginX, OriginY) 'store the origin
        SetOrigin x,y 'set the origin to the polygon's location
        For Local Polygon:TPolygon = EachIn Polygons 'draw the polygons
            DrawPoly Polygon.Points
        SetOrigin OriginX,OriginY 'restore the origin
    End Method
End Type
Local Star:TShape = New TShape 'create the star shape
Local Point:Float[] 'an array to hold each point of the star
For Local i:Int = 0 Until 5 '5 points
    Local Angle:Float = i * 72 - 90
    Point = New Float[6] 'create a new array to hold the points
    Point[0] = Cos(Angle) * 30
    Point[1] = Sin(Angle) * 30
    Point[2] = Cos(Angle+36) * 11.459
    Point[3] = Sin(ANgle+36) * 11.459
    Point[4] = Cos(Angle-36) * 11.459
    Point[5] = Sin(Angle-36) * 11.459
Graphics 640,480
While Not KeyHit(KEY_ESCAPE)
        Local x:Int=MouseX()
        Local y:Int=MouseY()
        DrawLine 32,24,x,y

This game is not compatible with my notebook

What are your laptop's specifications? CPU, OS, video?  What happens when you try and execute the game?  What errors do you get?