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My entry into the Broken Engine Jam

I decided to create a game for MS-DOS using Turbo C++ 3.0 as my language and using ASCII and ANSI escape codes for rendering to the screen.  Note that this game cannot be played in the Windows console.  you need an MS-DOS machine or emulator to run it.  I would suggest using DosBox, instructions are in the readme.txt file.

I didn't have time to finish the game.  You can only play the included puzzles which must be entered at the command prompt (no ability to load within the game as of yet).  The game will also exit once a puzzle is solved.  There is a solving mechanism in the program, but it will only solve the easiest of puzzles so far.  You can solve the current puzzle by typing s.  There is also no ability for keeping notes, you'll need to do that on a separate piece of paper.

Eventually I will add these features:

-Create new puzzles within the game, from both an editor, and automatic generation.

-ability to save/load a game in progress

-better automatic solving

-ability to make notes to aid in solving

-anything else I can think of


Install instructions

extract to an MS-DOS directory.  type suDOSku.exe game01.sud in MS-DOS or emulator to play.  Will not work in Windows command shell, you need a 16 bit MS-DOS machine.


SUDOSKU.7z 26 kB

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